Chiang Mai Hill Tribe Trek


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Before we made it to Chiang Mai, we went via Ho Chi Minh City for the night.

Here's a street trader:

The traffic was pretty insane as expected, scooter city:

Their power lines equally as full on:

When we finally made it to Chang Mai, we took off on a hill tribe trek, stopping at a market for refreshments.

That spinney thing about the meat is to keep the flies away:

Mmm, deep fried bugs!

We were curious enough to try some (that's our guide in the background):

Bridget and I also did the Long-Neck tribe part. Their village was pretty scenic:

The long neck village was waaaaay different to how I remembered it many years ago when I went with Chris. Basically it's now just a place where the long neck villages sell stuff:

Did get to see some kids playing:

Hopefully Bridge won't look like the old lady on the right when she gets that ancient ;-)

The village itself:

Photos with the locals:

Bridget trying on the rings:

Building another house. They bottom area above the ground is for the animals:

Another lovely waterfall snap as we left the long neck village:

Next up, it was a short trek... go elephant riding!

Getting ready to jump on:

Bridge decided to ride on the elephants head:

Heading on down to the river:

Elephant Ho!!!

Cruising along:

Going through a tricky part:

Water Buffalo with an interesting hump:

Feeding the elephants after:

Then it was off on a trek through the bush for a few hours. Very hot and muggy!

Saw this cool spider web:

Enjoying a bit of the sunset, was actually much nicer in person:

Farmers at the village we stayed at, tending to their cabbages:

Chilling out with a beer at the end of the days Trek:

Here's our beds for the night:

Read on for some more cool snaps...

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