Windermere (Lake District)

(06/01/10) - Three pages

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Bridge and I managed another couple of nights away during the Xmas and New Year Period. We took off to snowy Windermere in the Lake District!

Lots of gorgeous buildings:

The Lake District is fantastic to walk around in Summer, we were happy to find out that it's just as fantastic in winter:

Although diving in and going for a swim wasn't high on the list of things we wanted to do:

Wandering around the lake:

Up on top of a hill looking over the lake:

Bridge getting ready to chase around the swans:

We went for a boat cruse on the first day after we wandered around the Windermere side of the lake:

One of the small islands in the lake:

Enjoying the view:

Checking out some of the amazing houses along the lake edge:

This house wasn't as flash...

More great scenic pics coming up!

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