Our Wedding

(05/02/10) - 4 pages

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22/05/09 - I've added a video of us "walking" down the isle:

And here's a video of our first dance:

Well, what a spectacular day we had! Thanks so much to everyone who managed to make it to our wedding!

Here's a "few" snaps to share, starting with Bridget getting ready:

Dad's car, which was used when Mum and Dad got married:

Nearly go time!

There wasn't a lot that was traditional about our wedding, for starters, we boogied down the aisle to Michael Jackson's "The way you make me feel":

Sooz, Tyla and Phil's turn to boogy:

Bridget making her appearance at the top of the stairs for Terry, her bro, to boogie with her:

Tyla doing a great job as our flower girl:

Bridget asking me to dance:

Tyla did a great job with the flowers:

Stef doing his reading:

Helen reading a traditional Celtic blessing for us:

Lots more cool pics coming up on the next page!

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