Toast Special Anniversary - Ham Polo Club



A big ol' bunch of us went to Toast's special Anniversary (10th anniversary of the original Toast which was held at Ham Polo Club).

Toast is basically just a day for Kiwi's to get together and celebrate being a NZer with NZ food, booze and mates.

We started the day with a champagne breakfast at Dennis and Lindsey's, firing up the BBQ:

Andrew going for the healthy burger:

And we're at the Polo Club. We all got "Gold VIP" tickets (I was lucky enough to win our tickets by getting 3rd place in a TNT competition for

showing how much I loved Toast 2008). We also managed to nab a primo spot to get a great view of the Polo:

The band leading the way:

Watching the proceedings:

The NZ and UK polo teams getting ready to do battle:

and they're off!

At half time, everyone gets out on the field to stamp down any divets:

Bridge and Lindsey getting an even better view:

Shea amazed at the transparency of his beer:

Overlooking the stalls and main stage:

Caroline rubbing Dennis's belly for good luck:

Bridge, examining Marta and Caroline's tongues for signs of coloured shots:

Crazy carrying his air for the day:

After watching the UK beat NZ at polo, we swiped a few chairs from the VIP area and took them down to the field in front of the main stage:

Everyone getting in on the, err, "action":

Andrew, Kent and I showing how we can squash burger rings with our arms:


Bridge showing how she can squash burger rings with her eyes:

Dennis reminding everyone that he's number one:

Yep, number one:

Bridge, Cynthia and Caroline showing off their sunglasses:

Andrew enjoying the sun and about to get a wee surprise:

Rocking along to The Feelers who were playing:

Poor Lindsey pushed herself to the limit and needed carrying:

Bridge's legs got really tired too:

The Feelers rocking away:

After Toast, we all headed off to the pub, where we loaded up with vodka. Caroline was smart enough to pour it in to water bottles so the pub bouncers wouldn't tell us to bugger off.

Unfortunately, I only found out about the smart plan of putting vodka into bottles after taking a swig of "water":

Before we were allowed to eat shapes, we had to make a shape:

Dennis and I, looking friggen awesome and cool, NOT gay in any way, which un-cool people might think:

Mark, stoked that he's marrying the beautiful Caroline soon:

some lovely drunken shots:

Dennis, Shea and I enjoying an invisible ice cream:

Bridge helping Cynthia after she realised her head was too heavy:

Mark making sure that Claire and Andrew get the full force enjoyment of his fart:

Dennis, proving that you can still look freaken awesome, even while ordering a kebab:

Word up to a sweet day!

Toast, not just something you make from bread.


By Tony Baker: email