Stag Do in NZ - "Stag Trek"

(27/02/10) - Two Pages including video

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First of all, I'd like to say, you HAVE to watch the video on the second page, it's awesome!

Well, I was lucky enough to have TWO stag dos! Stu and Craig sorted out the NZ one, with us dressed up in Star Trek outfits:.

Initially started with Karl, Craig, Kent, me, Shea, Crazy Stu and my bro, Phil:

First event of the day was going to Megazone for some laser tag:

pow, pow!

And after laser tag, it was off for some dirt biking!

Was awesome hooning down the beach:

Then it was back to Craig's place for a cleanup and quick sing song:

Before it was off to the Cock and Bull pub... where I learned about my next task:

I do not recommend...

Although it did get me some attention:

Now for the drunken pics...

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