Pro Wedding Pics

(04/05/10) - Three pages

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22/05/09 - I've added a video of us "walking" down the isle:

And here's a video of our first dance:

Here's a "wee" selection of the pics the pro photographer took of our wedding day. Check this link for all the others!

Mum and my Niece, Tyla:

MC Craig, helping to calm my nerves:

Andrew, Terry, James, Philip, Kent, Craig and I:

My new brother helping me get a wrinkle out of my shirt:

Best man Phil:

Me reading a menu:

Bridge getting ready:

Durka, Durka, Durka!

Checking that everyone's ready for our dance down the isle:

Sooz, Tyla and Phil coming down:

Ushers Kent and Cullen on each side of Bridge and Terry dancing down:

Mum and Dad:

Stef doing his reading on how we met:

Helen reading the Celtic blessing:

Someone farted:

Hmm, which ring was Bridget's again?!


MC Craig, who also filmed the ceremony:

Signing the register:

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