Phenom Penh - Looking Around



We spent a couple of nights in Phenom Phen on our way to Vietnam, staying at a nice enough hotel where we could chill out by the pool:

At night a bunch of bats would fly around just above the surface of the pool which were cool to watch. Was great chilling out with a drink:

Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam are ruled by the motorbike and the horn. It's crazy what people put on their bikes. A lot of it was to take what they had grown to the market to sell:

This guys off to do a bit of DIY I guess:

Taking the family out for a Sunday drive:

Traffic in Cambodia is pretty full on, but it all seems to flow most of the time, with the bigger vehicle generally having the right of way:

Here's a couple of snaps of shops and businesses taken while driving past in our Tuk-Tuk:

I wasn't exactly jealous of the people who had riverside properties:

Equally, I wasn't overly jealous of the people living in the apartments:

Also, I wasn't exactly wishing I was living in mansions either:

Our Tuk-Tuk driver took us to a really tasty restaurant (well, the FOOD was tasty). The walls are covered in drawings, I liked this the most:

We also went to check out the Phenom Phen museum:

Really nice building:

Bridge and I also went to check out the royal palace:

Was nice enough, but a freaken rip off for what you saw:

To finish the day off, we went to check out one of the markets. Basically this is a large area where people try and pack in as much stuff as possible to sell. It's a total rabbit warren to navigate around in:

I was also impressed with the wiring in the place:

And out in the street. It all just seems to work:

Phenom Phen, worth a stop for a night or two on your travels.


By Tony Baker: email