Our London Going Away Party

(24/11/10) - Three pages

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What an UNREAL going away party we had! We honestly couldn't have asked for a more awesome last night in London :-)

It all started off at Temple Walkabout, watching the All Blacks kick Ireland's butt, despite a well performing Ireland side:

Poor Shea still hasn't managed to pick better rugby results than Dennis:

The real party was at Opal Club, at Embankment. Here I am with Nick and his lady. Nick was the person I came over to London with almost 10 years ago:

I like to call these pics the "before photos", as in before people are drunk:

Everyone was envious of the prime seats Christiaan and Teresa had:

Grazia was already on to her second drink when asked:

Cynthia and Lindsey didn't mind that their hair got tangled:

James and Ian were both quite concerned about Dennis's nipples after he admitted shaving them...

...but concerned were put aside once Nick confirmed they were still there, and rather tasty too:

Ian, too late to the nipple party:

Mark, thinking highly of himself in regards to the ripper he just let loose:

I started freaking out when the club's floor suddenly tilted:

A classic Tony and Chris pic. Arthur Fonzarelli has nothing on us:

Bridget and I were really stoked that the girl band "Super Chur" turned up to get their album cover taken:

Colgate toothpaste was also doing a photo shoot for their latest "extra whitening" toothpaste:

James loved being Chris's beer stool:

Noel and I warming up our lips for all the ladies:

I thought our party looks way more awesome than the party going on in the next room:

Opal dance floor, where we danced...

...and bragged about the quality of our underarm deodorant, passing the sniff test:

Noel, wondering if anyone saw him drop his second beer:

Andrew, trying to impress the ladies...

...which apparently worked. I like to call this the "Andrew before photo":

This is just a lovely photo:

The club started to get really crowded at this stage, we all had to hold on to each other to make room:

It's a well known fact that Ian is superb at indicating left:

Dennis showing us his skills after 5 years of studying facial massage techniques, I felt super relaxed after mine:

Suddenly it got really cold and we had to huddle for warmth:

Eileen does a great cat impression, especially when you tickle her, um, tummie...

Guess what's on the next page? That's right, even funnier drunken pics! Click next to see...

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