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Bridge and I went for a wander along the track that runs past the Giants Causeway area and got a great view looking back:

There's also some towers in the cliff face along the path we walked:

All I can say, is don't get distracted by the view when you're standing on a pillar towering above the ground:

Here's the track we walked, with the Giants causeway on the left and those pillars in the cliff face to the right:

And here's the view looking down on to the Giant's Causeway!

Being from a farming background, I did notice all the dirty gorse everywhere:

Although it made for some arty pics:

Next up was a visit to a rope bridge:

Bridge on a bridge, bah ha ha ha!!! Man, that joke gets funnier the more you tell it:

Again, we got treated to some more fantastic views:

Bridge got a little horse on our trip:

And finally we made it to Belfast. Here's the university:

We celebrated a great days sightseeing by going to the pub, what else?!

Here's Belfast City Hall all lit up at night:

The next morning we went on a Black Taxi tour, which shows you all the highlights of the poor areas of Belfast, including all the famous murals:

Here's one of the 40+ walls, stretching over 30+ miles, that run through Belfast, dividing the Protestants from the Catholics. This one is amusingly known as the peace wall, rather ironic:

It's the touristy thing to write messages on the wall, encouraging peace between the two sides:

At 11pm, these gates are shut from a remote police station. If you're on the wrong side of the gates once they're shut, you're basically f****d:

Beyond this green fence you can see the council houses that boarder the fence. Notice how the back gardens are totally fenced in as well, to stop projectiles thrown over from the other side. Apparently the government have no say as to who ends up in the council houses, they're basically run by the IRA:

And a few more murals:

This is the "International Wall", which shows murals of strife going on in other countries around the world:

Belfast is also the place where the Titanic was built! Here's the dock and pump house (on the left) where Titanic was constructed:

Finally we made it back to Dublin again, back in Ireland, where we met up with Kent and Becs:

We went out that night for a few beers (surprise, surprise) and enjoyed taking a few snaps of the river again:

On our last day, Bridge and I went to check out Dublin Jail:

It was a pretty grim place:

Here's the main area:

exercise yard:

They still keep some dodgy people locked up there:

Just before it was time to go catch our plane, we also managed to see Dublin castle, which wasn't really that castle looking:

Believe it or not, this is all one building. We also learned that the funky colours of the building to the left were chosen because the artist "just liked them". Awesome:

Oh, and we discovered the Irish retort to the Haka...

Northern Ireland, I can totally recommend going!

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