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Well, I've done the wedding page, but the rest of our time in NZ was fantastic as well! Here are some pics of what we got up to:

Damn, I love NZ. A few hours after landing Bridge and I looked at each other and both said "damn, I feel so much better being back home!"

We were treated to some fantastic weather to escape the UK from:

Chilling out, wandering around:

Here's Bridge and I with my Niece, Tyla and her dogs:

Bridge with Mum and Dad's dog, Rosie, on our way to go fishing:

Watching one of the evening thunderstorms come in above the chook coop (sunny during the day, rains at night):

Bridge and I off for a swim at Taupo:

Bec's secret swimming spot:

Bec's also took us around to look at a few potential wedding photograph spots around Taupo:

After the wedding, the holiday REALLY began. Bridge and I could finally kick our shoes off (literally) and hang out with everyone after we booked a bunch of batches at Rainbow point.

Starting our first full day of being married with a proper breakfast :-)

James recovering from our Wedding:

Stu, Ellie, Tyla and Dad:

Mel, Kim, Tyla, Ellie (behind her) and Stu feeding the ducks:

Kent, Stu, Craig, Andrew, Stu, Phil and Terry going Segway riding (HEAPS of fun):

Playing mini-golf with Bec's and Tan's:

Grant lining his shot up:

That evening we booked a charter boat and took off for some fishing and clay pigeon shooting:

Checking out the Maori cliff carvings:

More Kiwiana coming up:

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