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(26/03/10) - Two pages

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Bridget and I spend a couple of night in NYC recently, after a work trip.

We stayed at the New York Palace, our room had a sweet view:

Especially during the evening:

Here's part of the lobby:

And the view out the front door, during day...

and night:

On our first day there we headed off to Central Park, where I spied the Apple store:

of course, we had to go in to check it out! It was a hive of apple fan boys and girls:

We were treated with some stunning weather while we were there, even with snow on the ground and frozen over areas of the Central Park lakes:

Cold enough even for some ice skating!

Here's a few more panoramas I took while we wandered around:

Looking to the West Side across the large Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir:

After a day of walking, we went back to our hotel and chilled out at the bar for a drink:

Then we went for a wander to the Rockefeller Center, where Bridge and I went nuts playing with our new Canon S90 cameras, which kick ASS by the way!

Full manual control and a DSLR sensor in a compact body means you can create some sweet pics:

Getting arty with a slow Time Value:

After spending an hour or so playing with the cameras, we went for a wander around some more and came across the entrance to the Rockefeller Centre, so we decided to go up!

Click next for some awesome night time shots at the top of the Rockefeller Centre!

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