Mark's Stag Do

(07/07/10) - two pages.

including video

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A great bunch of us went to New Forest for Mark's stag do last weekend and had an awesome time.

Basically, we rented a house and started off by getting trollyed:

and trashing the place:

Guys in the kitchen:

Dennis managed to find a tire outside around midnight and thought it was a good idea to bring it in out of the dark so it didn't get scared:

And finally it was time to crash out after the first night of boozing. Andrew made a great pillow for Crazy:

The next day it was off to our first activity! Loads of horses standing around in the roads slowed us down:

Here's me storming over the assault course which happened to be where we were going:

which turned out to be paintballing! Here we are, all paying close attention to the instructions, that or watching Dennis moon again or something:

We had a special outfit for Mark to wear:

Complete with bells:

Mark practicing his paintball evading techniques:

All ready to go for some ACTION!

Storming the castle:

In to the forest:

Some got nailed more than others:

Ian took the full brunt of paintballing:


Read on for some pics of the big night's festivities...

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