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Matt, proving that playing lots of sports still doesn't stop you looking like you throw like a girl:

The hired staff, just couldn't work out how to press the shutter when we were jumping in the air:

The victors:

I felt very special winning:

Nick was more disturbed than Caroline at losing their basketballs:

Dennis, showing Ian how to correctly wear underpants:

Myself and Dennis, babysitting Austin for Ian and Shan. Call us anytime, guys:

As the night progressed, so did Dennis's underpants up his belly:

Ian got Austin started on proper solid foods at the wedding:

Despite the intense magnetic draw of Dennis handsomeness, even the ladies suggested that he needed to pull his undies back down a tad:

Dennis, proving everyone wrong, yet again, about the usefulness of undies:

Mark and Caroline finally admitted that they cut costs by not getting a room:

Blue steel baby, yeah!

Dennis, moments before this very light self destructed, all by itself. Dennis was very lucky not to get caught up in the explosion:

Unfortunately, Bridge only managed to find the party hats right at the end of the evening:

What a perfect view of the castle to end a perfect day:

On our last day, a bunch of us managed to make it down to a local park in Wroclaw for a picnic! Dennis farted one too many times so was shunned from the group:

Wandering around Wroclaw city center:

Some cool statues:

Despite Ian and Shan telling us that there were heaps of Gnomes around the city centre, we only managed to find a few!

Shan, listening intently to "special" singer James and I practising our latest hit:

Were we had an AWESOME dinner before having to head off to the airport to catch our flight:

Spying one last Gnome before we jumped in to the taxi:

Mark and Caroline, thank you both for such an awesome time! Live long and prosper.

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By Tony Baker: email