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Some hairy sasquatch wandered in from the trees late at night, grabbed Cynthia and proceeded to test the flexibility of her neck while I watched on in wonderment at natures creation:

Only I got the true hang of Blue Steel. Turns out that a half eaten slice of bread didn't help Nick's attempt at all, neither did a wet forearm help Dennis's attempt, thanks anyway, Lindsey.

That, or it was a Nick sandwich and Lindsey was going for the pickle, can't really remember what the hell was going on!

Dennis, showing of the strength of his nipples:

No-one believe Cynthia when she claimed to have made the wedding cake, she proved all of us wrong by showing off her cake making skills there and then:

All the ladies were in shock and awe, clambering away after Mark's deadly ripper:

Caroline won the best waxed underarm competition no problem:

I strongly objected to the Tony sandwich, as you can imagine:

After dropping my two pints and falling over backwards drunk, Lindsey was there to save the day:

Bridget regretted asking for a hug...

...Matt didn't:

After discussing with Dennis and Matt about our new band, we decided that we needed to differentiate ourselves from all the other boy band out there, by getting a "special" singer to join us, thanks James:

Bridget always scratches her bum in the most sexy of ways:

And, well, any caption I make up for this pic simply won't do it justice. Thanks YMCA youth club:

Bridget's discrete fart outside was caught by my all seeing camera...

...as was the resulting haze:

After many attempts, we were finally happy with our album cover:

After an epic night, filled with copious amounts of vodka and merriment, we awoke with hangovers and proceeded to the castle dungeon to partake in castle games:

James, getting lucky, very lucky:

Mark, realising he needs to buy new shoes:

Ian, showing Dennis how to impress the ladies correctly:

One of the many losing teams:

Which was unfortunate, considering the size of their wood stack:

Our mighty stick piling effort, we ended up winning more coins, thanks to our musical talents on the recorder:

Wandering to the next event, with our usual chants of "WE'RE NUMBER ONE! WE'RE NUMBER ONE!!!":

Another activity was chucking a spear at a cabbage, Bonks...

...really hated cabbages:

Click next to see another picture of a girl throwing!!!

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