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Caroline, stealing the show from Dennis who was clambering on top of his chair yelling "HAERE MAI!!!"

Mark, wondering if hiring a dwarf celebrant was a wise decision:

Mark, stoked that Caroline didn't read page 16 paragraph 23 regarding cleaning duties around the household:

Mark, discovering page 23 paragraph 32 that Caroline put in, regarding foot and shoulder rubs each night:

Ian, making sure Grazia signed the bar tab:

Ian, trying to work out just how the **** polish pens work:

Mark, responding to Caroline's sweet whispers about how inappropriate it is for Ian to bend over and let one rip right now:


Ian, assuring Caroline that Mark is indeed endowed enough to satisfy her on her virgin marriage:

Bridge, Lindsey, Dennis and Shan showing off their blow jobs:

Crazy, now suspicious towards the celebrant being Marta's father:

Mark and Caroline, starting the doe-see-doe:

Bridge, Crazy, Marta and Lindsey, not taking a minute off from their Hallensteines photo shoot:

Craig, still not sick of people pointing out his height in photos:

There's only one way to sum up this photo, drop dead gorgeous!

Lindsey, Dennis, Bridge, Crazy, Marta, James and Bec's are OK too:

Unfortunately, lack of planning confused everyone when it came to the direction of the main conga line:

Even the cameraman wanted to know what was up a Scotsman's kilt...


Everyone piled back in for the reception:

Mark and Caroline's first dance:

There's never a bad time for Mark to give Caroline a "coochie-coochie-coo" under the armpit:

A man came to this wedding, with one thing on his mind, immediately apparent to all those who were fortunate enough to experience his presence, his ability to spread...


Other's tried... but failed...

Dennis, in awe of a true man doing the Derka:

Dennis, in urgent need of a toilet...

...or a stage, whatever comes first:

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