Mark and Caroline's Wedding Poland

(05/10/10) - four pages.

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Polish weddings are so awesome! Especially when they're held at an amazing castle!

Basically, it involved two days of drinking, dancing, singing and laughing our asses off, by the end of it, we all felt like Emma did right at the beginning:

Did I mention the wedding was held at an awesome castle! Here's our first view of it:

And one of the many views down from it:

After Emma woke up, it was her job to do the rounds:

And the boys job to look handsome. Luckly 3 of 4 could do that... you can pick the 3... muah ha ha ha! ;-)

After a dodgy wedding morning weather wise, after all of us with hangovers woke up, it turned out to be awesome:

Anne, with Emma:

The boys, doing a few laps before the wedding:

Ohh, yeah, looking F. I. N. E. FINE!

The cameraman inspected everyone's teeth before the ceremony for bits of food:

Wandering in to the breathtaking room where the ceremony was to be held:

Ian, wondering if he's already put his clock forward for Poland or the bride is gona be extra early, or late, depending on Ian putting his clock forward an extra hour or not... it's so confusing:

Another view of the room:

The roof, don't worry, there were no leaks that I could find:

Everyone waiting patiently, I had to hold Dennis back from leaping on to his chair to do a traditional Maori Haka:

The celebrant, warning Mark that there does indeed need to be two of them to constitute a marriage. Meanwhile, Matt is desperately wishing that he took the opportunity earlier to relieve himself:

A waft of pollen happened to blow through the room, just as the music started, while Mark was rather happy that Caroline had the handcuff keys on her from the night before:

The fullas couldn't wait to get started on the conga:

Click next to see Caroline walking down the aisle!!!

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