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(02/10/10) - two pages.

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We had an awesome time in Poland when we went over for Mark and Caroline's wedding.

Dennis, Lindsey, Bridget and I started off by flying in to Krakow. We stayed in this place that had MASSIVE rooms, which we took advantage of, here's Bridget and mine:

Right after we checked in we took off to central Krakow to find something to eat and drink, soaking in the sites as we went:

In Poland, it's customary in the men's toilet to have a couch, which you're supposed to lie on while you aim your pee in to the toilet. Well, that's what I ASSUME the custom was...

Lindsey, having a "special" moment with her beetroot soup...

Dennis, having a "special" moment himself:

Out and about, looking for a bar now:

Krakow centre was pretty cool to wanderer around at night:

Dennis and I, having a couple of manly drinks:

and a few more sites on the way back to the hotel:

The next day we got up and checked out Krakow's castle:

Lindsey, Dennis and Bridge soaking in some historical facts:

After we checked out the castle, we took off to the famous Krakow Salt Mines! You start off by climbing down a freaken STACK of stairs, a few hundred:

Before you're greeted with some awesome statues. All of the "rock" that you see in the rest of the pictures is actually salt. Salt turns white once it crystallises with water:

OK, so this guy and horse aren't salt:

Dennis, being stupid and acting the fool by licking the walls:

Me, being brave and intelligent, licking the walls:

Another one of the dozen or more rooms we wandered in to:

A cavern stretching off down in to the distance:

Here's a carving of a Gnome lit up inside, which shows how translucent the salt is:

Here's a gnome with the flash on:

And a bunch more going about their business:

The chandelier in this pic is also made of salt, well, the clear glass like bits at any rate:

Click next to see pics of the most spectacular room in the Salt Mines...

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