Kings of Leon - Hyde Park



Jen, Bridget, Dennis, Lindsey, Anna, Craig, Nick and I went to see Kings of Leon perform in a sun bathed Hyde park a few weeks ago.

No Dennis, the main stage is over there, no Lindsey, the main stage is over THERE!

Anna secretly pointing at Jen to indicate who farted:

Dennis and I doing our ultra cool dancing, nearly getting blocked by a bottle of cider that accidently and for no reason at all happened to be caught at the edge of the photo:

The crew:

Men, standing around, talking about rugby and fixing cars while drinking booze and slapping women on the arse:

Women, sitting around talking about knitting and puppies while preparing food for the men:


Lindsey, after a particularly hard knock to the head. She looked like this for half an hour after, then things got worse:

Bridge and Jen, pretty darn excited when the Kings finally took to the stage:

Playing spot the Lindsey:

The Kings rocking the stage:

Bridge, still excited:

The Kings, still rocking:

Us, still drunk:

At least I don't wipe my boogers on Bridget's forehead:

Dennis, Mark and I appeared to be the only ones not impressed with Bridget dropping her camera as we all went to pick it up at once:

Dennis, concerned and worried when I told him cameras could steal your soul:

Dennis, not concerned anymore:

The piggie-back fights continued throughout the evening:

And when Dennis's back finally gave out but Lindsey still wanting a go, the girls helped find her a substitute:

And finally, a lovely pic of Marble Arch I took as we staggered off to a pub before home time:

The Kings of Leon, they know how to play a song or two.


By Tony Baker: email