Hong Kong



Bridge and I went to Hong Kong on the way to and from NZ. People from Hong Kong love amusing the tourists by making up amusing shop names, like "Hung Fat Kok" and "Fook On Ho":

Oh the way to NZ, we had a night and morning to spend there, which we used to wander aroung and check out the nightlife:

Hong Kong building are all lit up at night, which looks awesome:

Checking out one of the shops:


Bridge contemplating making a paper dart to hit one of the buildings:

Bridge catching me on my Hallensteins photo shoot:

The photoshoot director decided that perhaps Bridge could do a better job than I:

Me giving Bruce Lee some pointers on how to kick ass:

After we nipped over to NZ to get married, we flew back to Hong Kong, treated to a rather nice sunset:

We booked a flash room at the Langham Palace Hotel, had a fantastic view, both night:

and day, where the amount of smog in Hong Kong really hit home:

Slightly better than the usual Hong Kong accommodations:

Typical Hong Kong street on the mainland:

Bridge trying out a local drink:

We had enough of the hustle and bustle of the city, so we grabbed a ferry to Lamma Island:

We tried out the local island delicacy, sweet tofu, which was surprisingly good, for something white and squishy:

Chilling out on the beach, believe it or not, this is a nice sunny day for Hong Kong. The island is home to a large power station which you can see in the background. It must supply some of Hong Kong's power.

They hid the power station behind some hills from the local village:

Wandering through the island, checking out the local's gardens:

After a couple of hours wandering around in nature we got to the port to catch a boat back to Hong Kong:

But not before we chilled out at one of the local seafood restaurants:

That evening back in Hong Kong, after we chilled out in "Club L" at our hotel (drinking free booze while relaxing in massage chairs) we managed to make it down to the port to catch the last of the laser show:

Hong Kong's famous skyline at night:

Wandering back up a main street:

If my name was "Mr Beef", I don't think I'd be opening a seafood restaurant:

On our last day before heading back to London, we went for a walk though a local bird market:

And flower market, where we saw these crazy looking things:

And one last view down another market, where I'm sure the people living in the buildings towering above it were working:

Hong Kong, a cool place for a stopover between NZ and the UK, but my conclusion is that it's really just a very busy smoggy, exciting city.


By Tony Baker: email