Chris, Richard, Kent, Andrew, Bridget and I went to Helsinki the other weekend to catch up with Ray and Jacob.

Started off pretty standard, with a late night meal to line our stomachs:

Before heading off to the Aussie Bar:

Where we proceeded to get tanked. No surprises here!

We got pretty paralytic:

The next day, after waking with stinking hangovers, Bridget, Chris, Richard and I went to Ray and Minttu's place to chill out in the sun and have fun with their kids!

Chris took full advantage of Ray's "treat my place like it's your place" attitude:

Then it was back to the Aussie bar...

Where we proceeded to make the night before look like a Sunday school outing:

We found ourselves at some all night bar once the Aussie Bar shut:

Where the famous last words "LETS DO SHOTS!!!" were uttered. After hinting that perhaps we were being over zealous and hinting that it might end up being a bad time of the morning to do shots, I was immediately rebuffed with "it's never a good time to do shots" from Ray. Logic was sound:

Unfortunately, Ray and Richards sexuality wasn't quite as sound as the logic...

Always a good time for a cuddle, apparently...

Again, after waking up the next day with appalling hangovers, the guys decided to drown their sorrows a the nearest pub, while Bridge and I went to Suomenlinna Island to wander around in the sun with an ice-cream:

I inspected the artillery up close:

Before it was finally time to head back in to Helsinki for one last beer or three to cap off an awesome weekend!

Helsinki, Ray and Minttu are there, which makes it awesome.


By Tony Baker: email