Hastings and Battle



Over the Xmas/New Years break, Bridget and I managed to get in a couple of trips out of London. The first place we went to was Hastings (decided the day before by looking at a map of England and pointing).

Hastings is a wee fishing town, in the South East of England. Here's a pic of the "Old Town" area:

We took the Funicular up the hill to get that pic!

Lots of cool old buildings to look at:

Here's bridge sitting on an anchor in front of the net drying sheds:

Another shot of the net drying sheds:

We went for a few wanders, here's the far end of Hastings:

HEAPS of boats around. I rather liked this one. I can see how the conversation went to name it:

"So, sir, in order to register your boat you have to give it a name, what would you like?"


true class:

Oh, yeah, it was pretty chilly despite the gorgeous day:

Strolling along the beach where the fishing boats come in and out:

One of the old bulldozers that push the boats in and pull them out again:

A typical Fishing boat:

We also ventured in where the lifeboats are kept and got to hear a few cool stories from the guy who was there:

Here's another view of the Old Town after we wandered up the other side of the hill:

View across near where we took our first panorama pic:

More cool old buildings:

FINALLY it was time to stop for scones, jam and cream. The place we stopped at had the BEST ones we've ever tried! Awesome:

We also managed to get a round of Crazy golf in. Dunno if it's called crazy after the punters or the courses...

Bridge lining up for a hole in one (almost!):

The next day, on our way back to London we stopped off at Battle! This is where the famous Battle of Hastings took place in 1066:

Here's Battle Abby:

And here's the field where the battle took place!

Bridge looking out across the field in a completely non-posed picture:

Unfortunately it was crap weather on the second day. Ahh well.

Inside one of the churches where the monks hung out. The Abbey and churches where built after the battle to commemorate it:

Another view of the Abbey:

The monks church:

The other cool thing to do in Battle is check out "Yesterday's World":

Was a great place to kill an hour or so seeing as it was such rubbish weather:

Bridge rather liked the lolly shop:

Loads of cool scenes, the place was actually HUGE! I'm only showing a fraction of it:

Bridge holding up some of "Bridget's lollies", very fortunately named...

Yeah... well...

Another cool scene. The horses weren't real...

And finally another round of scones, jam and clotted cream! YUM!

Oh, I do say dear boy, what a rather spiffing spread you have there!

And that was Hastings and Battle! A great couple of days away.


By Tony Baker: email