Cinque Terre

(17/08/10) - two pages.

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Cinque Terre (Five Villages) was pretty amazing. Basically it's 5 villages on cliff faces and extremely scenic:

Here's a wee map, we stayed at Vernazza (which I recommend, that or Monteroggo which has the nicest beaches but does have cars):

On the evening Bridge and I arrived, we climbed up to the tower at Vernazza:

Where we really got to soak in how spectacular the place was:

And of course, enjoyed a few drinks after!

And a great sunset:

The next day, Sam and Anna arrived. Unfortunately, it was raining! So we had to drown our sorrows:

The villages are all connected by train and walkway, even though it was raining, we decided to walk from Vernazza to Monteroggo:

Even on a rubbish rainy day it was spectacular.

Looking along the path to Monteroggo (near the end of our walk):

Despite the weather being rubbish on our first day, it was all worth it as we were treated to one of the most spectacular lightning storms I've ever seen. Here's the video:

Here's a couple of frames taken out of the video showing the lightning strike that took out all the coasts power for a few mins, I was pretty stoked to have captured it:

For the rest of our time there, the weather was awesome:

Here's the main square in Vernazza:

The beach again:

The bar we found in the main square did some damn good coffee in the morning:

View out of the main square's church window:

Here's another view of Vernazza, taken from where we went swimming:

I got my sounds going on for when we chilled out in the evening:

Bridget's drink must have had a bit of sugar in it...

That evening we went to a restaurant right up high on the cliff face (was recommended to us, otherwise we'd never have known about it) and were treated to an awesome view:

And a fantastic sunset:

Wandering back down in to the village after our meal:

If you think those pics look good, wait till you check out the next page!

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