Charity Bike Ride Around London City



A bunch of us went for a charity bike ride around London to raise money for Lucama.

Basically it was a great way of biking around to do some site seeing!

Here's Richard, proving that only wimps bike in shorts on a 30+ degree C day:

Getting a nice view of the houses of parliament and the London eye:

New hotel that's just been built over Westminster bridge:

Heading down to the London eye:

Past St Pauls:

Across a big ol' tilt bridge:

Getting a great view of the Quays:

Canary Wharf:

Nipping through a park:

Here's Richard with the Millennium dome behind him:

Caroling and Bridge (on a bridge, hahaha):

Finally we made it out to the Thames barrier:

One of the drink spots:

Heading back towards the city:

Stopping for a quick couple of pints to enjoy the sun:

Back past the Quays again:

Through Bank:

Back past the London eye:

and finally, THE FINISH!

We met up with Ian, Shan and Austin for some beers in the park:

Austin: “Thanks for buying a couple of coldies for me Mum and Dad! I lost my fake ID again after last nights bender”:

Austin: “Mmm, people might rubbish Fosters, but after the sixth one, I reckon they taste pretty darn good”

Austin: “Oi! Mark! I bet I can skull these quicker than you!”

Austin: “Yef, orifficer, I’m purrrfectly sobur, smell my bref, ahhhhhhhhhhh”:

Biking around London, Ayyyyyy:


By Tony Baker: email