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We went to check out the miniature railway, I was rather excited to go see it:

It was AWESOME, every 20 mins it transitions from day:

to night:

Here's a bunch of closeups of the many, many parts of it:

The workshop:


We also checked out Berlin Zoo, seeing as we were staying really close to it:

After the zoo we went to Berlin's Television Tower "The Fernsehturm":

They've actually thought about the ticketing system there as well, when you turn up there's no real queue to get a ticket, but you buy one for a timeslot to go up, in our case it was in an hours time, which was perfect as it allowed us to get lunch and check out the area around the tower.

The fountain at the bottom of the pic above:

Rotes Rathaus (red town hall) the home to the governing mayor and the government:

Checking out the view from the top:

Bridge and I decided to chill out at the top of the tower for a while after our hard days wandering, they had a great bar up there and we got to enjoy the sunset:

Berlin, was a fantastic way to spend our last European get away! I was really surprised at how cool it was.

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