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Bridge and I had a great start to our holiday. We're currently a week in and have already seen some fantastic stuff! I'll break the holiday up in to a bunch of updates, as there's some really cool stuff the deserves their own pages.

Our first couple of days were spent in Bangkok. After checking in to our hotel we went in search of a massage, spying these fish nibbling tanks first. Needless to say, they were rather ticklish at first...

Nom, nom, nom:

For our first full day in Thailand, we started off with a river cruise:

One of the many long-tail boats:

Passing one of the many temples along the river:

Our super cool boat driver and Bridge:


Some of the crazy conditions people are living in:

Not so sure that someone was living in this house though:

Yep, you guessed it, another temple, with a big-ass budda:

One of the many boats:

When we finally got back to shore, we had our first tuk-tuk ride, which I was hanging out for (I love em!):

Our tuk-tuk driver took us round to check out some, you guessed it, temples:

Is statue Bridge?! Bah ha ha ha!

One of the major highlights of Bangkok, is checking out the royal temple, it's freaken kick ass, photos don't do it justice:

This photo is a stitch of four pics to try and capture a taste of it:

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