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For new years we were FORCED to pay 2,200 baht each, that's over 30 which is a fortune in Thailand, to attend the Weekender's New Years eve dinner. We were hoping to punish them as much as possible with free drinks. Unfortunately there weren't any free drinks at all, except for this one we were given at the beginning, which was full of some noodle like craap:

Not even my party hat could make it a good party:

So we took off after stuffing ourselves, back to the bar and proceeded to get stuck in to a bucket of Vodka and Red Bull, you know, just to see what would happen:

What happened was us throwing ourselves in to a foam party!!! Was damn good fun:

The stubble on my legs from my waxing that morning picked up the bubbles:

Andrew went to the hair dresser and got an afro for the New Years celebrations:

James, NOT looking like Santa:

Andrew decided after a few weeks on the beach, a shower was in order:

Ohhhhh, nice pic of James, Andrew and I! guess those buckets did have something in em:

James giving a blow job:

LOOKOUT!!!!!!! BIG FOOT!!!!!!!!!

Was all to much for Andrew in the end and he had to have a lie down:

PHEW! After a stinky hangover the next day, we had to get over it by drinking some more! Andrew managed to get Eveline and her mate to join us...

...for a few cocktails:

I went and got a bunch of snacks from the 7-11 across the road. We rated them from best to worst:

Then it was down to the beach with a bag of beers and to chill for the evening:

Ordering one last bucket from the nearby pub, of course:

And that's a brief summary of our time in Thailand!!! Relaxing and drinking I guess, although I managed to get a couple of days diving in, but that's gonna be another page...

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