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Way's to know you're drunk, #4:

Was time to mix it up a little on the DJ decks, Lindsey and Bridge scratchin' up a storm:

Ohh, make out time!

Kissy kissy!

Way's to know you're drunk, #... ummm OK, I forget what I'm up to now. Shan driving wheelchair granny over Caroline's, um, ramps:

Time for a good ol' sing along:

And a Cullen fist punch dance:

Way's to know you're drunk, #whatever:

Poor Santa's blind this year:

More singing? no worries!

Wheelchair Granny still going strong at this stage, moving on to curvy terrain:

Lindsey about to sneeze from Santa's whiskers:

Drunken make out time was in full swing now:

We didn't make them feel awkward at all:

Nope, we simply let them go for it, politely turning the other cheek:

Time to get some phat beats going on:

Comparing santa hats:

Final way you know you're drunk, when you need to balance each other:

Was a bl00dy awesome night! Thanks to everyone who managed to make it and Andrew for organising!

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