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Mark with his behind the ears Xmas lights:

Girly bag for Lindsey:

Secret Santa knows that someone doesn't say "no" very often...

How cool is that?! A remote control granny in a wheelchair:

Oops, don't wanna lose the screw holding the batteries in!

Secret Santa knows Andrew very well:

Oh yeah, baby:

Secret Santa knows me VERY well too!

Dennis was really jealous of my gift:

Time for the grope photo!

Nope, still not quite right...

Nearly there...

That's better! Merry Christmas all!

Now it was down to some real drinkin' Dennis had to go potty first, he laid a log in the middle of the pub...

Made a lot of room though!

Mark and I comparing geek phones, a-hurr, a-hurr!

Way's to know you're drunk, #1

Caroline started the dancing off, Xmas Michael Jackson style!


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