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Mmm, tasty fat-bat nipple:

Not really sure what's going on here...

Craig and Crazy trying their best to look pretty:

Fat-bat scoring presents from the ladies:

fat-bat doing the fat-bat-dance:

Fat bat raising a finger to object to the political discussion about Tibet:

Fat bat helping to make a street artist sketch that much better:

Fat bat scoring "big" time:

Crazy trying to out-eat fat bat:

Fat-bat assisting the local delivery man with parking:

Crazy John posing for Vogue magazine while everyone else gets drunk:

Fat bat showing that he's all for gay s3x:

Crazy, pretty stoked that fat-bat has come out of the closet:

Invisible Asian tourist in the background:

Richard advertising his services while Crazy get's jiggy wid it:

Craig proving the he's the ladies man:

Before fat-bat proves he can score all the ladies with his eyes closed:

Me, showing the ladies how to REALLY pucker those lips to impress:

fat-bat sufficiently drunk enough to score for the evening:

fat bat helping the Walkabout band:

Scott getting in on the action to make a Ménage à trois:

And finally Scott showing the love to fat-bat:

All in all, a very amusing night!


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