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Ahh, Heli-skiing, the ultimate way to go snowboarding! The tension was mounting throughout the holiday. Here's the chopper we went up in, a Bell 212:

NOTHING beats heli-skiing! Half the thrill is the actual helicopter ride itself through a snow covered valley:

You can make out where we were staying in this pic:

Packed into the helicopter. You see the red ladder on the roof?! That's what you user if the helicopter tips over and you need to get out:

When you jump out, you all squat about 1 meter away from the helicopter and wait for it to take off again. Here's a snap of Matt cradling Pete, who was giggling so nervously there was yellow snow everywhere:

After a run, ready to go up again:

Powder, powder, everywhere and not a drop of rain:

Here's a snap I took in one of the other guys goggles that went up with us, showing our guide, Pete, Matt, myself and Crazy:

Of course, pictures just don't do heli-skiing justice one little bit, for that, you'll just have to check out the video below!


Video of Heli-skiing in Panorama

Seriously, I love this video! Crank up the volume...


or just hit play below!


They were selling off snaps that they took of the group in front of the helicopter as well. Being a cheeky baastard I just took a snap of it on the wall (hey, I would've brought the thing if they would only supply a digital version of it!):

On our last day after the heli-skiing, Ian, Matt and I decided to go on a nature walk instead of spending it on the slopes (which looked slushy anyway, Crazy and Pete went up). Basically, us 3 could've thrown our snowboards in the river after heli-skiing and never go again, what the hell can top it?!

We were treated with some fantastic views during the day wandering around:

Stopping for a nice feed along the way:

Of course, no photo set would be complete without another "man of the Mountain" pose from myself:

There was some ice about during our walk:

And we finished the holiday off with a final soak in the hot tub and a glass of Champaign. We were really roughing it:


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