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After a day of sweet powder runs through trees, we all thought we'd punish ourselves by going down to "Golden" for a night out at some dodgy bar. We were told it was "fresh meat" night which meant that new strippers were trying out or something. Unfortunately, there were no strippers, in fact there was a ratio of about 90:10 men:women. The only "fresh meat" was our asses with red-neck hill-billy boys eyeing us up...

...fuelling their s3xual lust with items from the toilet vending machines:

We were all very excited about the possibility of losing our bottom virginity:

Yep, it was lovely meeting the local doctor:

LOOK!!!! Finally, a chick!

And, um, well, I can't remember this pic or the previous 3 being taken. Who the fu<k are these freaks?!

After nursing a hangover and thanking God that we'd opted for spending a bit more on our butt-chastity belt purchases, we were back into another day of powder, thanks to it snowing overnight:

Ian and I did one of the most kick ass runs, thanks to us arriving at the top of the "stairway to heaven" chairlift just as they were opening a route to the top of a dropoff onto a face of gorgeous powder, it was awesome as we were some of the very first people to drop down the face:

Here's a pic of Little Red Riding Hood Matt, looking stylish:

At the end of the day, we all decided to crank it right up a notch and harden the fu<k up (as Chopper would say) and take the express lift. I was too chicken shiit so I just watched the others go up it and took a photo. I'm bl00dy glad I didn't go on it as well, because Ian had a rather severe accident, as you can see!!!

We left kicking horse, totally stoked with just how sweet the snow was and went to Panorama. Here's where we were staying, again, really slumming it:

The view from the balcony out of the King sized suite you can see in the above pic where I was sleeping (hey, I can't help the fact that I drew number 1 choice out of the hat!). Showing the frozen lake:

Matt, with his quizzical mind had to check out the depth of the ice near the edge:


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