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Here's some more of that lovely Welsh countryside:

We spied a water hole in a river on our way back, we had to jump in to wash off. It was so damn cold we could only last about 10 seconds in there:

Convenient Welsh telecommunications:

The clock tower in Machynlleth:

And of course it was off to the pub after for some pool on the smallest pub pool table I've seen:

In to town across the bridge:

To this wine bar to continue the drinking:

The next day it was off for a round of golf. Here's Kent with his full set of clubs:

Grant Teeing off:

And a lovely view of a Welsh Golf course:

Not to be outdone by Andrew for the most lame act of the weekend, Stu managed to pull off the most pathetic Tee-off in history, see it on YouTube or click play below:

Yes, he was using a putter.

All in all, a fantastic weekend!

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