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After a pretty full on night (Groove Armada was my favourite) I emerged from my tent, full of beans, just like the rest of the guys:

We had a pretty primo position for out tents (up on top of a hill, away from the toilets), with this cool looking castle nearby:

Matt pulled out some more the toys he brought and got stuck into playing with them:

Then it was off to chill out in the sun (which came out on Sun) and go on some rides! This one was sweet:

With a damn cool view (tents to the left, which spread up around to the right on the horizon, where our tents were):

And towards the main stage, which didn't have many people around yet because it was fairly early on in the day:

Sunday was spent chilling out, drinking beers and having a few laughs:

Meeting and greeting a few people:

Some of who were friendly:

And some not so:

I can't recall a time that I've gone somewhere and done something with Matt involved which didn't end up in us making a human pyramid:

(a more successful one is in my video)

Beck was pretty awesome, they had a replica of the stage on the stage with puppets mimicking what was going on:

We all loved it:

And we even got round to making a more successful pyramid (although some a$$hole walked in front of me right as I took the pic and of course everyone fell over right before I could take another):

The whole festival just kicked ass, finishing off with Radiohead and the crowd going nuts:

The V Festival, sweet as!


Now check out the video:

Google (recommended)

Download (low res)


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