Man Or Woman Results (finally)!

(12/10/05 and 14/10/05 - see bottom of page for Marks poem)


Damn, I've been pretty freaken slack about getting round to making this page! I guess it's because so much shiit has been happening over the past few months that I haven't really had a chance.

FLASHBACK to March when I put this famous page up:

Man Or Woman

Be sure to read it before you go on, otherwise the rest of this won't make much sense.



As you can clearly see by my scientifically peer-reviewed, multi million pound survey, Crazy and "Mystery Man" are borderline homosexual.

So no real surprises with the result and no real surprises that someone (or some people) I know voted for D.


One of the greatest things about doing this survey was the few of you who could be arsed writing a comment and here they are. Due to the anonymous nature of the survey, I won't be naming names or pointing out the comments Crazy's Parents or mine sent to me (you'll have to be a genius to work it out):

Oh My God! Look at those Hands! I won't sleep tonight!

Yep, we definitely will have to include a pair of strong bifocals in Crazy's next Red Cross Food parcel! We thought that gender ID was a part of his fourth year at Uni. What on earth were the huge student loans for?

I would personally ask if it had been tested to see if it was actually human or an alien, bit like Camilla really. Then add the option to the web page and see how many people think it is an Alien rather than M or F, I mean no Human could have hands like that, it is not possible, I think they are actually testicle probes, made to seek out testicles and steal them for alien research, have you checked your mates testicles lately?

 dude! "Mystery Man" got with a she-male!

Mum says its a man (a very scary man), Emma says its a lady, please don't procreate with her, Tyla doesn't want cousins with that jaw line.

Yeah, but with that hand i bet she gives good handjobs

Tony, that is definitely a man mannnn !!! I bet she demands a fair price at stag do's when she whips it out and slaps some foreheads with it :P

It's so fu<king ugly that nobody should ever buy/give it anything except a bag to place over it's head. Nasty.

Man lover!

It looks like it's been put in a dryer with a bag of rocks for an hour.

Some of you people are just plain HORRIBLE! For shame.

The greatest thing I've JUST received (14/10/05) was from Mark Cruden:

Ole "Mystery Man" made a trip to dover

his mind was set on getting his leg over

ales were drunk and twas getting late

that's when "Mystery Man" made his fatal mistake

for his eye's were now starting to fail

he put's it down to that new special ale

he started his moves in hope of a poke

to everyone else it was a very strange bloke

He chatted and smiled and did all things right

He was even hopeful of it being tight

His thoughts were set on bending it over

Having fun while acting like Rover

But as fate would have it "Mystery Man" was saved

"It's the hand from Dover" is what we raved

So, with his head hung low he headed home

Back to play with his little garden gnome

Mark, you are truly one of the greatest poets of our time. People will write about you as they did Shakespeare, Dickinson or Dr. Seuss.

I sure hope that "thing" never reads my web site... My court costs would suck to get me outa this.

By Tony Baker: email